Now living in Denver, Colorado, Olivia Baker earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from New Mexico State University – where her love for Art and Photography quickly flourished. Since graduating, her love for photography has continued to unfold and progress through her career, freelance work, and art series. She specializes in Product Photography, Lifestyle, Studio, and Portraiture.


Her passion for Fine Art shines in Concept Photography, where she has the freedom to create images from thoughtfully staged scenes – allowing complex composition that symbolize concepts related to various themes such as cognitive theories, human emotion, and personal identity and entanglements.


Through these artistic compositions and her commercial photography, she invites viewers to see more than just a photograph, and to participate in an experience.


Artist Exposure:
• 2014, Williams Hall Art Gallery, Las Cruces, NM., Dilapidated Bathroom
• 2014, NSMU’s D.I.N Magazine, Online Publication, Hatcher’s Pass
• 2015, Yuma Art Symposium, Yuma, Az., Mental State 01
• 2015, NMSU Art Gallery, Las Cruces, NM., Mental State Series
• 2017, Spark Gallery, Denver CO., American Dream
• 2018, GALA Art Exhibition, Colorado Springs CO., Blossoming
• 2018, The Depot Art Gallery, Littleton, CO., Blossoming
• 2018, “The Phoenix” issue at SNAX Magazine, Brooklyn, NY., Heavy, Ghost, Mental State 01, Mental State 02
• 2018, “Small Wonder” at Hey Hue Gallery, Denver, CO., Filters Series, New Hollywood Series
• 2018, ROOT Studios, NYC, NY., New Hollywood Series
• 2019, “Home/Maker” at Hey Hue on Market Street, Denver, Co., American Dream Series, Estate Sale Series
• 2019, Artist Portfolio Magazine, Online Publication, Censored Series
• 2019, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Or., Glossies
• 2019, Woods Boss Brewery, Denver, Co., Cityscape Series
• 2019, Zuni Brewery, Denver, Co., Olivia Baker Conceptual Series
• 2019, Flourish Aveda Wellness Gallery, Centennial, Co., Olivia Baker Solo Exhibition
• 2020, Electric Cherry Shop + Studios, Arvada, Co., Olivia Baker’s Strange & Familiar Exhibition