SNAX Magazine, Brooklyn, NY

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My work was recently featured in 2 separate magazines. One magazine, being an online publication, and the other being a publication from Brooklyn, NY.

October, 2018

Snax Magazine, Brooklyn, NY

“Snax Magazine is a carefully curated print experience that promotes independent visual artists.”

This magazine feature meant a lot to me. This series, The Phoenix, was all about strength and overcoming, Survival and Resurrection. The timing was perfectly in line with the conclusion of my series, Censored. This series was powerful for me, because it was during this series (literally during the production of this series) that I first experienced a panic attack and true anxiety.

This series was created to convey ideas related to identity, and memory/thought process that becomes disconnected (the feeling you get when you can’t remember something you know you know). The intersecting point in this series, and where it relates to Survival and Resurrection, is actually from my personal experience when producing the series. 

Never having experienced one before, I had my first panic attack and was terrified. SO much in fact, that anxiety followed me for 2.5 month after. This experience transformed this series into something more- in fact I was scared to continue this series in fear that it would spike my anxiety again. 
Now having overcome this anxiety, I see this series as a metaphor of overcoming something powerful, moving on-  Resurrection- as a moment I survived something traumatic and confusing. 
This series was created in 2018. 

Ghost- 22.24 x 16.16 inches
Heavy- 22.24 x 16.16 inches
In addition to a couple of pieces from my series Censored, I also had a couple from my series Mental State.
Mental State
During the time of this series, I was experiencing the end of a very unhealthy relationship in college, as well as discovering and confronting a lot of my own very unhealthy lifestyle habits. I wanted to create a series that illustrated the discomfort of realization when you see you’ve put yourself in a bad position. 

This series, for me, meant that I was Surviving, and resurrecting myself from my old lifestyle. This series was created in 2014.

01- 22.8 x 15.2 in.
02- 20 x 12.98 in. 


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