Strange & Familiar at Electric Cherry Shop

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“Strange & Familiar”


by Olivia Baker

Electric Cherry Shop + Studios

5777 Olde Wadsworth Blvd R200, Arvada, CO 80002

Olivia Baker has become one of the resident artists for Electric Cherry – a rad and brand new shop in Olde Town Arvada, just outside of Denver Colorado. Electric Cherry Shop + Studios is packed with Curated Vintage, Vinyl, Fine Art, & Handmade Goods from both local artists, and out-of-staters.

When I say curated vintage, what I meant to say was curated gold! I found a vintage Thrasher shirt that says ” Ugh. why doesn’t my boyfriend skateboard??” With a Pop Art girl crying. It’s amazing. Also, Electric Cherry has items from a retailer in Texas called Shop 1988 ( They carry contemporary + luxury vintage apparel. If you’re a 90s fan, you should seriously check them out – or ya know, find them at Electric Cherry!

Okay, and one of my fav. things about Electric Cherry, is the Vinyl collection. I’m a huge music freak, and Electric Cherry has such a rad collection. I’ve definitely already bought music from them on top of my Thrasher shirt.

Plus, the Fine Art and the handmade goods are incredible. It’s really cool to see the diversity in artistic expression throughout this shop. You can find my prints available there on the Grab n Go Print shelf!

But as of now, I don’t have just prints – I have a whole exhibition on display! This photo exhibition, “Strange and Familiar” will be on display indefinitely.

As some of you may know, I’m a local Denver Metro photographer that specializes in conceptual pieces. My work typically revolves around recreating past experiences through fabricated scenes. The imagery is designed by personally staging and building compositions from scratch with various props. This gives me a lot of creative freedom. It allows me the chance to have full control over color palettes, texture and materials, and overall aesthetic. The props throughout my imagery help to build a mood, but more importantly, are symbolic of the given concept and what I am aiming to translate. I enjoy taking these memories and past experiences, and marrying them together with new ideas to recreate a sense of a new reality.

“Strange & Familiar” shows pieces of work from various series I’ve created from 2014-2019. Some pieces are even abstract! If you can, show some love and swing by Electric Cherry to see my exhibition! Even if you don’t care to see it, Electric Cherry is worth a trip.


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